Driving Safe In the Snow/Ice

The holidays have come and gone, but that doesn’t mean that winter is over. January and February are some of the coldest months, and with the cold weather comes ice and snow. We can’t stop our lives because of weather, so we need to learn how to adapt to it. We all know the rules […]

2018 Spring Break Trip Ideas

It’s been relentlessly cold this winter, and you want to get away for a break. The kids are about to be out for Spring Break, and now is the perfect time to start planning that early year vacation. Where should you go? Now that much of Mexico is on the travel advisory list, the traditional […]

Tips/Hacks for Living in Small Spaces

Small living and tiny homes are the new trend. Living in a small space forces you to let go of the things that aren’t necessary, and promotes more connectivity. It can be difficult to transition your life when you are used to having ample space. When you start living small, one of the main [...]

How and Where to Donate Food

There’s something about the holiday season that makes us want to give back. It’s not called the season of giving for nothing! If you want to help the less fortunate this holiday season, but you don’t have much money or time to spare, you can easily donate food and other non-perishables to do [...]

Winter/Holiday Date Ideas

Winter doesn’t have to restrict your weekend plans to laying on the couch with your significant other, watching the same TV shows. It’s time to spice things up and try one of these holiday date ideas that will have you wishing it was cold year round!     Baking class– Who doesn’t love [...]

Ways to Avoid Getting Sick This Winter

Cold weather is officially upon us! For some, this means warm nights by the fire with some hot cocoa, but for others, it can only mean one thing—sickness. Nobody likes being sick. We miss work, don’t sleep well, and just feel like crawling back into bed with a box of tissues until it’s over. [...]

Best Black Friday Deals of 2017

Black Friday 2017 is right around the corner, and gift givers are highly anticipating this year’s Black Friday for its unbeatable deals and enticing coupon offers! From the Amazon Echo, to the new iPhone 8, Black Friday will have all the best deals on just about all the gadgets you’ve had your [...]

Popular Halloween Costumes in 2017

October has arrived, and Halloween enthusiasts are doing their research when it comes to shopping for the perfect Halloween costume. This year will hit a new record for total Halloween sales – In fact, the National Retail Federation predicts that 2017 will reach a record high of $9.1 [...]

The Best Apps for Studying

When it comes to studying, staying organized and on-task can be very difficult.  In many cases, our phones are the most common distractions.  Scrolling through our favorite social media apps can be very time consuming.  Before you know it, you have no time left to study.   Although phones may [...]

What to Look for When Clothes Thrift Shopping

Vintage clothes are becoming must-have pieces in any wardrobe. They add a special flair of originality to any outfit and give you a chance to find something special that isn’t available in stores. It may require some time, but when you discover that special hidden gem, it’s like gold. But the [...]

The 10 Museums You Must Visit in Philadelphia

The 10 Museums You Must Visit in Philadelphia Let’s face it, visiting museums are a must when exploring a city. Whether you’re into history museums, or art museums, there’s always a museum to visit when you’re exploring a larger city. When it comes to museums, Philadelphia isn’t just any city. [...]