Top 5 Essential Oils that Everyone Should Have

Essential Oils are naturally occurring oils that have healing and health benefits. Essential oils are highly concentrated oils packed with healing properties that affect the body in different ways. People have been using essential oils for centuries as medicine as well as for their mental [...]

How To Increase Your Water Intake Each Day

Drinking ample water has drastic health benefits. Our bodies are made up of about 60% water, and we need to replenish our sources daily. We’ve all heard that we need to drink about eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day. That equals out to about half a gallon, or 64 ounces every day! It can […]

7 Tips for Making a Room Feel Bigger/More Open

Everyone wants to have the large expansive room that seems to go on forever. The open space brings a peace and calm to our minds; plus, it’s beautiful! The way a room is organized and decorated can make it feel welcoming or closed off. Use all of the techniques to create a wide open room […]

Fun Things to Do For Mother’s Day 2018

The thing that your mother wants most for Mother’s Day isn’t something that can be bought. She wants to spend time with you. Do something special for Mom by planning out a fun day with by making time to do something with her. It can be something simple, or it can be a little extra […]

Pros and Cons of Taking Risks

Taking risks comes with plenty of benefits. As with anything, there is a possibility that you could have a negative experience. Before you jump into your next risk, think about what you’ll gain over what the possible down-sides are. Pros More Experiences: With any new risk, you’re going on a [...]

Clever Ways To Use Alexa

The best way to figure out a woman is to ask questions. Alexa is one complex lady, who loves to have questions thrown at her. There are tons of ways to utilize this new device in your home. Alexa connects with your smart phone and other smart devices in the house and uses apps or […]

5 Best Sports for Kids

Playing a sport can teach kids valuable life lessons that they can’t learn anywhere else. Not only do they get to go outside and burn off some energy, but they develop social skills by being an active team member, and learn how to keep a good attitude even when they lose. Nothing in life is [...]

Hosting a Movie Night At Your Apartment

Hosting a movie night at your apartment is a fun way to get your friends together and relax. Life is busy, and it’s hard to make time to spend time with those that mean the most to us. You can create a fun without going overboard by watching a classic movie, or add a little […]

Driving Safe In the Snow/Ice

The holidays have come and gone, but that doesn’t mean that winter is over. January and February are some of the coldest months, and with the cold weather comes ice and snow. We can’t stop our lives because of weather, so we need to learn how to adapt to it. We all know the rules […]

2018 Spring Break Trip Ideas

It’s been relentlessly cold this winter, and you want to get away for a break. The kids are about to be out for Spring Break, and now is the perfect time to start planning that early year vacation. Where should you go? Now that much of Mexico is on the travel advisory list, the traditional […]