Are You Ready to Put the KonMari Method Into Practice?

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You’ve probably watched the Netflix series, “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo.” If you haven’t, it’s okay. You probably have friends who have watched it and have shared every detail with you. Marie Kondo is all about making your home tidy.

While many of the ideas that Marie Kondo shares in her series may seem a little “hokey” – like thanking your clothes – many of them are really practical and useful. But, before you decide to Konmari your home, there are some questions you need to ask yourself in order to be successful.

are-you-ready-to-put-the-konmari-method-into-practiceDo You Have a Vision for Your Home?

One of Marie Kondo’s basic principles is that you must visualize what you want your home to be. That’s all well and good if you have a vision. But, if you don’t know what you want your home to look like when you’ve finished all of this tidying, you won’t be successful.

Are You Ready to Commit to the Task?

Depending on your home, the task of tidying up could be quite daunting. The KonMari method has you tidying by category, not by room, which can be a big change for most people.

If you follow Marie Kondo’s rule to tidy by category, your home may temporarily look worse than it did before. You need to be committed to the task and set reasonable time limits in order to accomplish your goals.

Are Your Ready to Let Go and Organize?

Part of tidying up means that you are ready to get rid of things. Do you have six black t-shirts? You may only need one. Are there four spatulas in your kitchen when only one is truly needed? You must be ready to say goodbye to excess items that are contributing to your clutter.

Once you’ve let go of things, then you organize. Everything will have a place in your home when you follow Marie’s methods. Items will be neat and organized and placed where you can easily locate them.

Can You Tidy by Category?

This can be hard as most people clean by location. Right now, if your clothes closet is messy, you clean it. That doesn’t necessarily mean you clean your dresser drawers too. But, this changes with the Konmari method.

With Marie’s method, you tidy by category. All clothes get sorted and organized together. You will gather all of your clothes from all of their locations and sort them at once. Marie believes this helps you make better decisions as to whether you will keep something or not.

Can You Follow the Order Marie Has for Tidying?

Marie has a specific order in which you will tidy. It is:




Komono (miscellaneous items)

Mementos (sentimental items)

You start with clothes as it is seen as the easiest category for letting go and organizing. As you progress through the categories, it may seem like the decisions to let go become more difficult, but Marie Kondo hopes that all of your previous practice makes it easier by the time you get to mementos.

Can You Only Keep Items That Spark Joy?

This is a big thing for Marie. You can only keep things that bring you joy. The hope with this is that you focus on what you are keeping rather than what you are throwing/giving away. This is why Marie has you physically touch each and every object as you decide to let it go or keep it.

The KonMari method is definitely a focused way to bring order to your home – if you’re ready to take the steps. Are you ready to give it a try? Or, have you KonMari’d your home already? Be sure to tell us how it went!

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