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Jumping into your car to head to the grocery store? That is so last century. Nowadays, all it takes is the click of a button (or tap of a smartphone) to get your week’s groceries delivered to your door. Grocery delivery services are bigger than ever, but that also means there are a lot of competing services out there. How do they stack up against one another?


What doesn’t Amazon sell these days? The online shopping giant isn’t home to only TVs and books any longer – you can include food on its growing list of wares. AmazonFresh offers everything from non perishables to fresh foods like produce, raw meat, and bread, as well as products from local businesses that have partnered with the service. AmazonFresh, which is still rolling out throughout the United States, is available with an Amazon Prime subscription and an extra monthly subscription fee.


Unlike the other popular grocery services, which group their products into categories such as fresh foods, dairy, and produce, Instacart groups its products by store. So, if there are certain products you like from one store, or you want your money to go to certain local businesses, this kind of organization can help you make those decisions. One other thing Instacart has been praised for is its site layout. Out of all the services, it provides one of the smoothest online grocery-buying experiences.


While it might not have the same name recognition of Amazon, Peapod does have the distinction of being one of the longest-established grocery delivery services, and it was one of the first to make the jump to online. Just like the other grocery delivery services, Peapod has a good selection of food, drinks, and home items. One of its more interesting features lets you copy and paste your shopping list for quicker ordering. The biggest downside to Peapod, however, is its minimum order size. Every order must be at least $60. So, while this service might be good for getting your regular shopping down, it isn’t so great for ordering something on a whim.

Google Express

Google, like Amazon, is another big tech company looking to get into the grocery-delivery game. And, while Amazon has a lot of experience in shipping orders, this is the first time Google’s tried something quite like this. While their Express service is still somewhat new, it offers pretty good availability, meaning you’ll be able to get it in more places than other grocery delivery services. On the flip side, even though Google offers products from many partnering stores (kind of like Instacart), its selection of products doesn’t quite compare.


It started as an ice cream company, and now it’s one of the biggest food delivery services out there. Schwan’s is a bit different from its competitors in that the products it offers are its own, and most of those products come frozen. This is actually a benefit, the company says, as freezing food doesn’t necessarily affect the quality, and you can prepare dinner much more quickly than if you were using raw foods. Schwan’s offers both meal ingredients, such as chicken breasts and green beans, and frozen meals already made.

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