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If you are a book lover, you are always looking for a cozy place to sit down and read the latest book on your reading list. You want it to be a place that’s relaxing and comfortable. You also need it to have good light and not take up a whole bunch of room – especially in an apartment where maximizing every inch of space is important.

But it is possible for you to have all of these things when you create a reading nook in your home. This space can be the area where you enjoy your favorite pastime and still look like an integral part of your home.

 Are you ready to create a reading nook? Then use these tips to help get you started. 

  • Take a Look Around Your Home: The first thing you need to do is determine where your reading nook will be. While you could be tempted just to put it in a corner someplace, that may not be the best solution. Take a look at all of your options. You may need to get creative and look at different rooms or even rearrange furniture to find an ideal spot. 
    • And keep in mind that your reading nook should look like it’s part of whatever room it’s in. You don’t want it to look like an afterthought or out of place. 
  • Pick Out Some Comfortable Furniture: One of the key things about creating a cozy reading nook is having comfortable furniture. If you’re going to spend hours reading a book and enjoying this space, you want furniture that fits you. 
  • Light It Up: You may have chosen an area in your home that’s not well-lit, but it needs to be in order to read. Make sure you choose lighting that is adequate for your eyes, but that’s not too bright to take away from the cozy feeling you’ve created. Lamps with multiple lighting options or dimmer switches would work well. 

And now, your cozy and stylish reading nook is ready for you! Grab a literary classic or a New York Times bestseller and settle in to read for a few moments or several hours. Enjoy the space you’ve created!

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