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We all need a break from our busy lives, but the bar scene is getting old. It’s loud, hard to talk, and starting to get boring. Turn your girls’ night upside down with a few new, fresh ideas. You can still have a few drinks with the ladies, but try changing up the atmosphere. Here are 7 fun girls’ night out ideas!

  1. Wine + Paint Night: These are popping up all over the place. It’s a fun and laid back kind of way to drink, chat with your friends, and have something unique to remember the night. You can decorate your home with your very own creative creations. You bring your own bottle of wine or other choice of drink, and any other snacks if the vendor allows it. You’ll be seated with each other, and be given a canvas, brushes, and paints as the instructor takes you step by step through a painting, until you all have a colorful canvas in front of you.
  2. Speakeasy Cocktail Bar: The secretive nature of the speakeasy is fun and adds an element of class. Get dressed up, figure out the password to the place, and have a great night with your ladies. Try different cocktails that became popular during the Prohibition Era. There may even be a burlesque show or a singer to entertain the crowd.
  3. Escape The Room: If you are up for a challenge, then get your girlfriends together to try to escape the room! It’s a night of clues, riddles, and puzzles to make you work together and laugh while you do your best to escape out of the room you’re in. Regardless if you make it out or not, you’ll have a fantastic time putting your heads to the test.
  4. Latin Dance Lessons: Put your dancing shoes on! Learn some new moves at a Latin dance class. Local dance studios usually offer a 30-60 minute dance lesson and then open up the floor to the public for a spicy night of salsa dancing. You don’t need a partner to go. There will be plenty of others to rotate through and dance with.
  5. Concert Night: One of the best ways to see a concert is in a small, intimate venue setting. You don’t need to see a major star to have a great night. Find a local band that is playing, or search out underground bands that are coming to play near you. Get the ladies together, and dance the night away. You’ll have a new favorite band in no time. You may even get to meet the band because the place is so small.
  6. Karaoke: Put on your own show by singing all of your favorite songs. Find a karaoke bar and have a great time belting out your favorite tunes. Don’t be afraid to get the crowd involved while you sing!
  7. Comedy Show: Go visit a local stand up comedy show. The big names are great, but seeing someone who isn’t as well known will give you the opportunity to have a more personal show. The tickets will be cheaper, and you get to interact with the entertainer more. Be prepared, however–you may become part of the joke!

Break out of the old routine and give something new a try! You might find your favorite new “go-to” girls’ night spot. Get to know your friends on a deeper level by trying new activities together. The company is what is most important.  Talk and laugh the night away no matter what you do!

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