How to Get Back to Work After a Summer Vacation

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It’s finally here—the day you’ve been dreading all week. Summer vacation is finally wrapping up, and it’s just about time to trade in your flip flops for flats and return to the office. Suddenly, it all hits you: the inbox overflowing with emails, the meetings looming ahead in your calendar, and the realization that Monday morning is fast approaching. All of this has given you a severe case of the back-to-work blues. Returning to work after a summer vacation doesn’t have to be stressful or overwhelming. There are a few things you can do to make the transition back to work easy and stress-free.


Tackle Your Email

The first thing you’ll want to do is tackle that overflowing email inbox before you lose all hope of catching up on Monday morning. Management tools are key when it comes to tackling stressful email backlog. Using an email management tool, such as Outlook, to organize your inbox can be extremely helpful in achieving this. If you’ve ever had a cluttered inbox filled with emails that CC’d you and went unread, then consider directing those emails to a separate folder so that they don’t take up valuable space in your main inbox. This management strategy will help you get to the most important emails as soon as you return.


Get Yourself Motivated

We can all recall that exciting back-to-school feeling after a long summer vacation. Remember how excited you were when picking out that new backpack? Why not experience that same excitement going back into work? Sometimes motivating yourself to get back into the groove of work is as easy as picking up some exciting new office supplies. If you’re a pen junkie, grab yourself some cool new pens. If you love sticky notes, pick up sticky notes of every color of the rainbow. Anything you can do to excite yourself about returning to work after a summer vacation will ensure you have a productive first day back.


Prioritize Tasks

Returning to the office after being away for some time has a tendency to cloud what tasks are urgent and which can wait. One of the first things you should do when you get back to the office is to prioritize which tasks must be dealt with right away, and which are lower priority. It will be a good idea to create a checklist of tasks and to focus on the largest issues first, to avoid being bogged down by day to day duties.


Don’t Ditch the Vacation Vibes

Returning to work after a nice, relaxing summer vacation is hard enough, but it doesn’t have to mean completely abandoning those island vibes! Bring the vacation home with you by surrounding yourself with things that remind you of all the fun memories you had while on vacation. Sometimes having a souvenir or picture on your desk can help to keep you positive and happy as you transition back to work.


No matter how much we may love our jobs, we’ve all experienced that feeling of dread for Monday morning after a long vacation. But the transition back to the office doesn’t have to be stressful or leave you in a fog. Tackle that email inbox first thing to avoid being overwhelmed, and know how to prioritize tasks. You can also motivate yourself by sprucing up your desk or bringing the island vibes back with you. Whatever you choose to do, just know that you’re not alone, and you’ve got this.


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