Hosting a Movie Night At Your Apartment

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Hosting a movie night at your apartment is a fun way to get your friends together and relax. Life is busy, and it’s hard to make time to spend time with those that mean the most to us. You can create a fun without going overboard by watching a classic movie, or add a little extra pizazz by encouraging people to come in costume.

  1. Pick a Theme: Keep a cohesive party by picking out a specific theme for your movie night. If you’re planning on watching a scary movie, have spooky treats to go along with it. If you’re interested in doing a Harry Potter marathon, then have people come dressed as their favorite character. Keeping things within the theme makes the movie night more engaging and much more fun for everyone.
  2. Clear the Space: With all of the extra guests coming to your apartment, you might need to clear out some of your furniture to make space for everyone to have access to the T.V. Hosting lots of people might seem challenging, but you want to make sure that everyone has a comfortable space to sit and enjoy the film. Rearrange your living roomto remove any extra decorations that are taking up space, and add more chairs. If you are expecting a group of kids, having something fun like a blow up mattress is a great option for them. They get to spread out and it doesn’t take up any couch space for the adults.When you are arranging the seats, have an area off to the side for the snacks. That way people can chat and eat while the movie is going on without disturbing the others who are engrossed in every line. It’s also a good idea to pack away any valuable or breakable items off of the countertops. You don’t want an accidental elbow bump to break your grandmother’s heirloom.
  3. Get the Snacks: Try to have a good balance of snacks for people to choose from. Have a fruit, vegetable, and cheese plate out, as well as the savory and sweet options. You can make the platters as heavy or as light as you like. Try and stick within the theme that you chose. You can make your trays extra spooky by arranging the food in different scary shapes. Overwhelmed? Try spreading out the responsibility by asking each of your friends to bring a dish. Give them an idea of what to bring to keep your theme in line. It also is helpful for people to know what kind of dish you’d like them to bring. That way, you don’t end up with three fruit platters.
  4. Set the Time and Date: Talk with your closest friends, and see if there is a good day and time for everyone to get together. Everyone has shifting schedules and sometimes weekends aren’t as free as you might think. Plan ahead so more people can make time to make it, and have time to prepare.

Spending time with friends is always fun no matter what you decide to do. Hosting a movie night at your apartment is a nice low key option for those of us who are busy and don’t have time to plan an elaborate party. It’s something fun and easy to do that everyone enjoys. Take a little time to put together a theme, some snacks, and invite everyone over for a relaxing evening together watching your favorite movies!

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