How to De-Stress After a Long Day

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When you come home after a long day at work or from running the kids to different activities – how do you feel? It probably depends on the day, but you might feel tired and stressed.

It happens.

And you may need a way – or a couple of ways to make the stress of the day go away. 

Thankfully, there are lots of ways to make that happen – all you need to do is choose a way that works for you!

  • Take a Tech Break: If you’ve been glued to your computer or responding to text messages all day, it may be time for a tech break. Dedicate a few hours in the evening where your phone is away, and you are tech-free. Studies have shown that people who unplug are happier and healthier – so don’t be afraid to give it a try.
  • Exercise: Yes, exercise is good for your body, but it’s also an excellent way to reduce stress. Go for a walk, lift some weights or try some yoga to release some endorphins and improve your mood. (Just be careful not to exercise too close to your bedtime, or you could have trouble falling asleep.)
  • Engage in a Hobby: Do you have a hobby that you just love but that you never seem to have time to do? Then schedule some time and do it! Engaging in your hobby in the evening can definitely help you de-stress. Whether it be container gardening, video games, or knitting – spend some time doing what you love.
  • Cook a Nice Dinner: If you love to spend time in the kitchen, then do it. Take the time to prepare a nice dinner. Try a new recipe or perfect a recipe that you love – and then sit down and enjoy it!
  • Meditate: Meditation can be a fantastic way to relieve some stress. You can do your own meditation or find an app that can lead you through a guided meditation. Additionally, some of the apps have sleep meditations, which are a wonderful way to help you fall asleep – if that’s where you struggle.
  • Call a Friend: Need to vent or just talk with a friendly voice? Then call a friend and do it! Friends can be the pick-you-up that you need after a long day, and you can do the same for them if they’ve had a rough day.
  • Listen to Your Favorite Tunes: Music is another way to de-stress. Put on your favorite tunes and jam out!
  • Watch a Funny Movie: Do you know why they say “Laughter is the best medicine”? It’s because, like exercise, laughter releases endorphins, which improves your mood. So, put on a good comedy and laugh out loud to get rid of some of the day’s stress.
  • Read a Book: Do you have a stack of books on your nightstand that you’ve been wanting to read? Then spend a few minutes each day reading. Reading is not only good for your brain, but it can be calming, too.
  • Take a Bath or Shower: It might be time to lock the door to the bathroom and take a relaxing bath or shower. Drop in a bath bomb or shower bomb – and enjoy a little “me time.”
  • Turn on Your Essential Oil Diffuser: If you have an essential oil diffuser, find a relaxing scent and turn it on. Certain smells reduce stress – such as lavender – and you can start feeling better quickly.
  • Practice Gratitude: It may seem hard at the end of a trying day to practice gratitude, but it’s a great habit to start, and it can help you feel less stressed and better about the day.

Don’t go to bed feeling stressed and out of sorts at the end of a long day. Instead, try some of these ideas to make yourself feel better. 

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