How To Redecorate With Only $100

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Have you been feeling like your apartment looks stagnant? A fresh new face to the space can make an old room look brand new, making you fall in love with where you live all over again. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to achieve the upgrade that you want. Be thrifty and look for great finds to breathe new life into your apartment.

  1. how-to-redecorate-with-only-100Pendant Light $10: IKEA is a great location for those fabulous finds that make your budget happy, and your room shine. This pendant light is extra affordable, and will go with any design and style that you have in your apartment. It’s simple and easy to install.
  2. Area Rug $30: Changing something as small as your rug can drastically upgrade the entire room. It’ll feel like a completely new space with different colors and textures. Throw in something lush for a luxurious feel, or add something with bold lines, like this rug, for a big statement.
  3. Full Length Mirror $40: Mirrors add so much to a room. It gives the illusion of space, it bounces more light around for a brighter, airy feel, and it can have a beautiful frame! Not to mention the practicality of making sure you look good before walking out the door. A full length mirror has that expensive feel, elevating the room’s elegance. You’ll love being able to put together a look from head to toe, and having this classic addition to your space. It works in any living room, bedroom, or even bathroom.
  4. Canvas Photographs $10-$35: We take so many photos today with our smart technology, but rarely do we ever go back and enjoy them. Find some of your old favorites that you want to keep and make them into something you can see all the time. Save the headache of finding frames, and make your loved photos into stretched canvases ready to hang. It’ll be like artwork that you made to decorate the apartment with. You can choose different sizes and collages to fit your design.
  5. Velvet Slipcover $40: The sofa takes up such a large visual area in our space, that any changes to it, and the room looks new. Cover up stains, pet hair, and update your color by throwing a slipcover over it. This one is in a soft velvet material, which has taken a big comeback in the past year. Velvet will make your place seem modern and add an extra spin to your room.
  6. Matching Storage Baskets $7-$16: You’ve successfully stored everything that you need to, but it is visually distracting because everything is in missmatching containers. Pull the entire room together with simple things like using the same style basket to organize all of your things. Suddenly your bathroom will go from functional to beautifully cohesive.

You’ll feel very accomplished by keeping things in budget, as well as finding the look that you’ve been after. You want to feel at home where you live, so it’s important to invest in making the space feel like yours. You’ll be impressed by how much you can change while staying under your $100 mark!

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