How to Transition Your Wardrobe from Winter to Spring

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March can be a difficult month when it comes to deciding what to wear. Some days are downright cold, and you want to reach for a warm and cozy sweater. Other days feel like the beginning of summer, and you need something lighter to reflect the warmer weather. What are you supposed to do? Here are some tips to help you make the transition a bit easier.

Tips for Transitioning Your Wardrobe from Spring to Winter for Men

  • how-to-transition-your-wardrobe-from-winter-to-springLayers: With the exception of summer, layering your clothes works for just about every season. But, you need to be smart about it and choose fabrics wisely. Leave the corduroy and flannels behind and layer with cotton, cashmere, and lightweight wools.
  • Change Coats: It’s time to put away parkas and down vests in exchange for something more appropriate for the season. Leather jackets, field jackets, and lightweight wool blazers are great for this time of year. They also allow for easy layering on colder days.
  • Incorporate Pastels: If your closet doesn’t have some pastel button-down shirts or t-shirts now is the time to pick them up. They are great to put under crewneck or v-neck sweaters that may be darker in color and look great under a blazer.
  • Exchange Your Denim: If you’ve been wearing darker denim all winter, it’s time to find a lighter washed denim for spring. Lighter denim shows off a more relaxed style that seems to go with the spring mood. As always, the fit is critical – so be sure you’ve got a great fitting pair of jeans.
  • Lightweight Boots: Winter probably had you in heavier boots to keep your feet warm and dry, but it’s not time to put boots away entirely. Instead, swap them out for lightweight boots. Desert boots are always a good choice!

Tips for Transitioning Your Wardrobe from Spring to Winter for Women

  • Layers: Just as they work for men, layers also work for women. Pick fabrics that don’t add bulk, but can still keep you warm on a cooler day. Lightweight cotton sweaters and cardigans are great for this time of year. A tailored blazer is also a must-have for spring.
  • Add Some Color: If winter had you sticking to browns, blacks, and grays, now is the time to infuse some color. Brighter jewel tones can work for spring, and, of course, pastels. You can always mix and match the colored pieces in your wardrobe with some of your winter classics to make for a gradual transition.
  • Ankle Boots: Put away your taller boots, but keep your ankle boots out for spring. They will look great with cropped pants, jeans or even a shorter skirt as the weather becomes nicer.
  • Trenchcoat: The spring weather can be unpredictable, and every closet should have a good trench coat to keep you both dry and warm as needed. Pick a length and color that works for you and make it a daily part of your wardrobe.
  • Patterns: Add some patterns to your wardrobe as you head into spring, too. Polka dots, florals, and gingham are great patterns to help you leave the winter months behind. They can also easily help you transition into summer!

By now you are probably more than ready for spring – so make sure your closet is, too. Take a look in your closet and make sure you have these key pieces to help you welcome the warmer weather, while still staying warm when needed.


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