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The dictionary defines inspiration as, the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.

And you’re probably always searching for it! And luckily – it can be found in lots of places. From books to music to art and more – inspiration seems to be endless. 

If you’re looking for some quick sources for inspiration, social media definitely has some inspiring people on it! Here are some Instagram accounts you can follow if you are in need of a little inspo! 

  • @actingonadream: People often say that anything is possible – and this Instagram account believes that, too. Founded by April Kelley and Sara Huxley, this account will have you believing your dreams can come true – and providing you with motivational quotes to spur you on.
  • @mindsetofgreatness: Founded by Lukas Notes (who has his own personal Instagram that is equally inspiring), Mindset of Greatness says that it’s been “helping you achieve greatness in life and live your personal legend since 2014.” Everyday Lukas provides some powerful words that will resonate with you. 
  • @happsters: Who couldn’t use a little additional happiness each day? That’s what Kelli Pease aims to bring with happy inspirational quotes and some adorable puppies (on Fridays). She also has a link to a self-care workbook in her bio that she will email to you!
  • @fiveminutejournal: Have you heard about the “Five Minute Journal”? There’s an app for it – along with actual journals for kids and adults – and there’s this Instagram account. Even if you don’t spend 5 minutes journaling each day, this social media account will bring some gratitude to your heart.
  • @thegoodquote: Created by Meggan Roxanne, The Good Quote provides positive and motivational quotes, all while “advocating for mental health and self-development through literature and discussion.”
  • Be sure to check out her podcast, too. (The link is in her bio.)
  • @humansny: Want to learn the real stories of real people? Then Humans of NY is for you. When Brandon Stanton created Humans of New York, he had no idea how popular it would become and how many people would be touched by the stories he brings. But after more than 10 years, he continues to bring great stories to light.
  • @jayshetty: Jay Shetty has a celebrity following and is a New York Times bestselling author – and his Instagram will inspire you and give you things to think about – and it’s definitely one you should be following. 
  • @motivation_mondays: Thankfully, Motivation Mondays are not just for Mondays. You’ll get a daily dose of motivation when you follow this social media account. 
  • @mindset.therapy: Mindset Therapy works to bring you little nuggets of wisdom that seem to apply to everyone. From goal setting to leading a happier life to working smarter, take the time to scroll through some of the older posts if you didn’t follow this account before today.
  • @bestleadershipquotes: Leadership Quotes bills itself as “A twice-daily conversation about becoming a better leader for the people you serve.” And if you’re a leader or want to be one, you’ll love reading quotes from some of the best leaders in their respective fields. 
  • @positivelypresent: Dani DiPirro is an artist and author, and you’re going to love her Instagram account, Positively Present. Chocked full of her colorful artwork and words of advice, poetry, and more – she brings posts that you’ll look forward to seeing. 

What are your favorite inspirational Instagram accounts? Perhaps a few of these will soon be streaming in your feed – and bringing a little positivity to your day!

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