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Macungie is one of the oldest and most historic areas in all of northeast America. Founded in 1776 by Peter Miller, Macgunie remains a pristine borough in Lehigh County. For those that are considering a visit to Macungie, or maybe you even are looking for a more permanent stay, here are some interesting facts about this quaint little borough in Pennsylvania.

Beginnings as Millerstown

When Peter Miller first came to the area in 1776, he decided to name the area Millerstown. After about 70 years as Millerstown, the area was then incorporated as a borough in November of 1857. Shortly after in 1875, Millerstown was renamed as Macungie. One reason that the name was changed was because there was already a Millerstown in nearby Perry County, and Macungie offered a new name for a unique borough in Lehigh County.

macungie-mapThe Fries’s Rebellion

Those who love history will be happy to know that the Fries’s Rebellion had a big impact on Macungie. During the rebellion, US Marshals began making arrests for people who were resisting paying their taxes in Millerstown. After the arrest was made, a crowd formed in Millerstown and the Marshals backed off. This entire event played out with huge impact on Macungie, which is certainly something that you can look more into during your time in the town.


Macungie prides itself on being a small, close-knit, community. There hasn’t been much in the way of a massive boom, as population has increased only marginally over the last few years. However, it was in the 1960’s that Macungie noticed a substantial growth of 28%. In addition, there was a 24% growth in the 80s, and nearly a 37% growth in the 1990s. This town has been booming throughout history, as it offers plenty of great opportunities for families and those wanting to live in northeastern America.

Macungie’s economy is also a positive one, as the average household income is over $50,000. One of the largest employers in Macungie is Allen Organ Company. As a company that manufactures and distributes organs around the world, there is a big draw for employment for Allen Organ Copmany. In addition to Allen Organ, Mack Trucks is located nearby in Lower Macungie Township. Because of the popularity of Mack Trucks, many people live in Macungie and then make the short commute for their jobs.

Did You Know…

Did you know that Macungie is actually derived from the word, “maguntsche,” which translates roughly to, “feeding places of the bears.” This is a Lenape word that comes from the Delaware Indians. Other tribes and settlers have given other names to Macungie, including Kunshi, Kunski, Macunjy, Macungy, and much more.

Macungie is one of the most quaint little towns that you’ll find in Pennsylvania. Whether you are coming for work or play, or a short or long-term stay, you’ll be sure to enjoy your time in this little borough in Lehigh County that offers plenty of historic value and interesting tidbits.

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