It’s Time to Get Your Girlfriends Together

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“Real friendship is when your friend comes over to your house and then you both just take a nap.” — Anonymous

Yes, that is definitely friendship. 

But if you and all of your girlfriends have been busy with work and kids and life – then when you get together, you don’t just want to take a nap. You want to do something fun!

Now fun means different things to different people, so when it comes to choosing something to do together – think about everyone’s interests! And if you’re completely stuck for ideas – here are a few that might make the short list.

  • Potluck Dinner Party: Potlucks are great because the hostess doesn’t end up cooking all of the food – and there’s an element of surprise to what each person will bring.
    • Of course, you can set up a theme for the potluck. For instance, “only appetizers” is a great idea if you want to try small portions of different foods. Or, you could say that all of the potluck dishes have to come from a specific cookbook or be based on the cuisine of a certain country. 
  • Craft Night: Get your friends together and spend some time creating a project that you pinned on Pinterest months ago. Don’t have anything on your Pinterest boards? Here are a few crafts that could be fun to make:
  • Binge Watch Party: Is there a Netflix or Hulu show that you’ve all been dying to watch? Then get everyone together and have a binge-watching party. Make sure you’ve got some great food and drinks to go along with your marathon – and lots of comfy pillows and blankets.
  • Spa Night: It can be hard to book time at a spa that works for everyone – so why not do a spa night at home? Think about all of the spa treatments you love – facials, manicures, pedicures, massages – and make it happen. You can often find a masseuse who will come to your home to do massages, and you can take turns giving each other the treatments you’ve chosen. 
  • Day Trip: A day trip can be LOTS of fun! Pick a spot a few hours away, load up the car with some great snacks, and hit the road for some adventure. You could spend the day hitting antique shops or checking out all the various roadside stands and attractions you see along the way.
  • Volunteer: Do you all have something that you’re passionate about? How about volunteering together? Your local animal shelter or homeless shelter could probably use some extra hands! 
  • Yard Sale Shopping/Thrift Shopping: If you haven’t been yard sale shopping or thrift shopping together – then you must! You could say that everyone has to find an outfit they’ll wear out to dinner that evening – and the max that can be spent is $30. Or, you could draw names out of a hat – and have to find an outfit for that person to wear to dinner! 
  • Golf: Have you and your friends tried golfing before? Why not go for it! You might be surprised by how fun it is! You could even schedule a lesson beforehand to get a little assistance. (And maybe only play nine holes – especially if none of you have played before.) 
    • Of course, there’s always mini-golfing – if you don’t want to hit a big course.

Getting together with your girlfriends can be good for the soul – so why not plan a fun get-together that everyone will enjoy and is sure to create lots of memories.

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