Must-Read Books of 2017

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Exciting news for book lovers everywhere: 2017 is shaping up to be a fruitful year of good reads! Whether you enjoy immersing yourself in a good suspense or thriller, relaxing with a light-hearted afternoon read, or falling in love with a dramatic, romantic novel, there are plenty of must-read books of 2017 so far. Here are the top 8 best books of 2017 that you won’t be able to put down!

  1. Michele Campbell’s It’s Always The Husband is a thrilling “whodunit” that has readers in anticipation of a completely unpredictable conclusion. When a group of longtime friends find themselves in the midst of an unlikely murder, where will fingers point? This riveting tale of jealously, betrayal, and assumption will have you watching your back long after the last page.
  2. Marlena by Julie Buntin is an intriguing tale of a teenaged friendship gone wrong. When innocent Cat is drawn to daring Marlena, the bad girl in town, a series of crazy antics leads to Marlena’s death and Cat’s subsequent guilt. Years later, the wound of the past is reopened when a ghostly figure forces Cat to revisit an emotional journey of addiction, compassion, and loss.
  3. All Grown Up by Jami Attenberg is a no-frills Sex In The City that strips away the clichés of a girl’s night out and explores what it really means to be a 39-year-old single woman living in New York. Humorous, heartfelt, and a little dark, All Grown Up offers a unique insight into a fierce, unstoppable woman who is determined to find (and love) herself.
  4. Fans of Gone Girl will love Bad Little Girl, a twisted psychological thriller by Frances Vick that details the findings of Claire Penny, a caring schoolteacher who delves into the mysterious life of one of her students. What she discovers could put her life, career, and well-being in danger. The tale is a page-turner through and through, ending in a brilliant twist that will have you on the edge of your seat to the last page.
  5. Tell Me Everything You Don’t Remember is a touching and eye-opening memoir detailing the sudden life-changing experience of Christine Hyung-Oak Lee. What started as a simple headache quickly turned into a nightmarish reality when Christine learned that she had in fact suffered a crippling stroke. Tell Me Everything is a humbling tale of the courageous journey of one brave woman who was forced to rebuild a life after a traumatic injury left her with almost nothing.
  6. The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane by Lisa See is a heartbreaking novel that weaves the compelling story of an emotional adoption and the cultural ties that bind together mother and child. Love is tested and proven to prevail despite distance and the unfortunate realities of the world in this tear-jerker of a novel that is sure to have you reaching for the tissues once or twice.
  7. Confessions of a Domestic Failure is a relatable, hilarious telling of what it really means to be a mother trying to build a career and maintain some sense of sanity amidst all of life’s responsibilities. Bunmi Laditan offers a real world perspective on how to ditch the sugar-coated social media standards of motherhood and accept that life is an imperfect, messy, and often discouraging journey of trial and error.
  8. International best-selling author Karma Brown is back with In This Moment, a haunting and thought-provoking display of how even the smallest, most insignificant moments can change the course of our lives in a heartbeat. When one friendly wave has a life-shattering consequence for a young boy, protagonist Meg Pepper is thrown into a guilt-ridden spiral of misery and regret. Meg will have to dig deep to learn about acceptance and self-forgiveness; that is, if she wants her life back.
  9. For more great book ideas, check out this list of 2017 must-reads!
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