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Over the years, any relationship will start to fall into a rut. You get into a routine and forget that the other person has unique thoughts, feelings, and needs. It’s easy for life to make you busy, making connecting with people you love an effort. Don’t let the important things slip through your fingers. Here are a few ways to show your sweetheart that you love them.

  1. Sparking loveWrite Notes: Think of the little things that your partner does that you notice about them. It can be as mundane as the way that they take their coffee, or it can be as lofty as a characteristic of theirs that they love. Write a sentence or two of something that you love about them a few times a week. Leave it out on the countertop for them to see in the morning, or put in on their pillow to read before bed. If you forget to write it on paper, send them a quick text during the day to let them know you think of them often.
  2. Have Set Date Times: Set times to be with each other every week. Make it a habit to be intentional with your time with your partner. Share the responsibility of planning the date night between you both. Choose things that you both enjoy doing, and give yourselves time to talk and reconnect.
  3. Keep Asking Questions: It’s easy to assume you know everything about your partner as the years go on. You assume that you know their reasoning and goals, but you haven’t talked about it in years. Odds are, they’ve changed, as you have. Keep asking each other questions about what they want out of life. Find commons goals to work towards. As you go through life, you’ll need to continue to touch base with each other to see where the other is at. Once you reach a goal, figure out what the next step is, and plan out a life together.
  4. Do Something New Together: To increase chemistry with each other, keep doing new things together. Break out of your routine by traveling to a far off destination, playing a sport together, or going to a play. It’ll give you new things to connect over and a renewed sense of playfulness.
  5. Reminisce About Old Times: Go back in time and talk about the beginning of your relationship. Reminisce about when everything was new, and you were both filled with butterflies. Visit old spots and reenact the first date, first kiss, or any other big firsts.
  6. Pursue Your Individual Passions: Spend time on yourself without the other person. Be a whole individual inside and outside of the relationship. Pursue the things that you love so that you can return replenished and recharged. It isn’t healthy to have a partner who is completely dependant on someone else.
  7. Affection Outside the Bedroom: The obvious one is to keep touch alive. Small forms of affection signals desire all throughout the day. Keep telling your partner that you love them with a hand hold, a kiss on the cheek, and a shoulder rub after a long day.

Take a few minutes out of the day to write a note, hold your partner’s hand, and ask them a new question to figure out what’s going on in their life. Little things will help set you up for a stronger relationship day after day. Keep that spark alive by constantly doing new things together.

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