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When visiting a town in the northeastern United States, you know that you are going to see plenty of views that are rich in history and cultural. This is especially the case in Macungie, Pennsylvania, as it’s a township that has been around for over 200 years. Over that time, Macungie has developed into one of the more attractive areas in the entire state of Pennsylvania.

Here is a look at some of the best sightseeing spots in Macungie, as well as some of the other areas that are close by.

Macungie Memorial Park

One of the best places to start your day in Macungie is at the Macungie Memorial Park. Whether you are looking to throw the perfect picnic for someone special, or if you are just looking to lay out in the sun to get in some personal time, you’ll have plenty of space to do whatever you please at Macungie Memorial Park. The park initially was designated as an area to promote activity and outdoor entertainment for the township of Macungie. Over time, it has grown into a memorial location that is representative of the entire town.

Macungie Park Pool

When the summer roles around, there is nowhere else to be in Macungie than the Macungie Park Pool. Located in the Macungie Memorial Park, Macungie Park Pool offers tons of fun for the entire family. It doesn’t take being in the northeast for long before you realize how hot it can get during the summer. That is when there are few more refreshing things to do than jump in the pool or go lay out in the sun. The Macungie Park Pool is one of the most popular places in the summers, as children and adults of all ages spend their time there.

brookside-country-clubBrookside Country Club

For some, the idea of keeping dry and hitting the links sounds more enjoyable than splashing around in the pool. For those who are interested in getting in a round on the links, the Brookside Country Club is the perfect option. This is one of the most pristine courses in all of Pennsylvania, and it’s great for players of all levels. If you aren’t one for golf, you can still head to the Brookside Country Club to grab a drink with friends or have a bite to eat.

Kalmbach Memorial Park

If you want to stay away from Macungie Memorial Park, Kalmbach Memorial Park is another option in Macungie. Kalmback is located on the southern side of Macungie, and it is often less busy than other parks in the area. There are still plenty of things that you can do, including walk your way to the park from Main Street in town.

Be sure to grab your camera if you are coming to Macungie, Pennsylvania. There are plenty of sights to see and activities to take part in. No matter the time of year, you’ll have something to do during your time in the Macungie township of Pennsylvania.

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