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Small living and tiny homes are the new trend. Living in a small space forces you to let go of the things that aren’t necessary, and promotes more connectivity. It can be difficult to transition your life when you are used to having ample space. When you start living small, one of the main difficulties is storage and counter space. We’ve put together a list of hacks to make your small living more comfortable!

  1. Behind the Door Storage: When you’re living in a smaller space, it’s important to utilize every open space. Get behind the door hangers to add extra space in any closet or cabinet. You can better organize your cleaning supplies by having them separated in sleeves. By taking things off the shelves, you’ll be able to better organize your space so that you can use more of what you have.
  2. Push Dining Table Against Sofa: The large kitchen table won’t fit easily in a smaller living room. One way to incorporate it into your new living space is to push it flush against the back of your sofa. You can arrange the chairs on the opposite side, with a fun table runner or centerpiece to designate each space.
  3. Corner Shelving: Instead of keeping your things on tables, put them up on shelves. The corners typically don’t get much attention, but by fitting more in these little spaces, you can save more wall space for larger pieces that you want to highlight.
  4. Large Mirrors: Mirror are excellent tricks for making small spaces look larger. They trick the eye by projecting more light into the space. They also give the illusion of more space with the reflection. Who doesn’t love a beautiful big mirror?!
  5. Underbed storage: Tuck away extra blankets and towels in plastic bins that slide discreetly under the bed for even more storage.
  6. Don’t Overbuy: Buying in bulk is not always the best idea when you have limited space. Trim down to your essentials and only buy new products when you are at the end.
  7. Floating Vanity Shelves: Counter space is hard to come by in smaller bathrooms. Use floating vanity shelves to expand your countertop. You can keep jars of q-tips, makeup, and soaps all within reach while keeping your sink countertop clutter-free and clean.
  8. Color Scheme: Color can make a big difference to the appearance of a room. Avoid dark colors because they will close in the space and make it appear smaller than it is. Opt for a light, gentle color that goes well with many different palettes. Make sure not to have too many different colors in one room. Keep is to about 2-3 colors max. You want the throw pillows, curtains, and rugs to go with each other and not compete for attention.
  9. Clear Coffee Table: A clear glass or polycarbonate table top will give you eye the illusion that there is nothing there, making it appear as if there is more space. Plus, you can get tables with a second bottom self where you can display magazines and photos.
  10. Hanging Planters: A touch of greenery always brightens up the room. Instead of a floor potted plant, get a hanging basket and screw it into the ceiling next to a window. It’ll save you precious floor space, while still giving you the beauty of nature.
  11. Magnetic Wall: Take your knife set off of the countertop, and attach your knives to a magnetic wall strip. It’s a cool way to save space, and it looks extra chic.
  12. De-clutter: This can be a tough one for some. You need to make more space on and in your counters by getting rid of things that aren’t necessary. All of those little knickknacks and piles of papers need to find a new location in your home. Maybe all you just need a desk organizer to file the papers more efficiently. For the knickknacks, choose a few of the favorites or the most sentimental and set them out. The rest need to go on the floating shelves or tucked away in storage for now.
  13. Donate: If you find that you have way too many things to fit inside your drawers, maybe it’s time for a purge. That shirt that sits in the back of the closet needs to go in the donate pile. A good rule of thumb is to donate an item if you haven’t worn it or used it in about 6-9 months. Have your unused things go to a family in need in your area. You can also get a tax write-off at the end of the year.

Small living is fun, and it gets you back to the basics. You don’t have to worry about cleaning or having so many things, but it can be tricky trying to figure out how to maximize the space that you do have. Stick to these tricks and you’ll find that your small space isn’t so small after all.

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