Why You Should Give to Charity: The Benefits

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When you think of the word “charity,” what comes to mind? Worthy organizations that are doing great things to help others? YES! And there are tons of charities out there that could use some help.

But WHY exactly should you give to charity? Sure, there are the reasons you can immediately think of – but there are several other benefits to making a charitable donation – and here are just a few of them.

  • You will help people in need: The first major benefit of giving to charity is that you are helping people in need. When you donate your money, clothes, or other items to a food/clothing drive, you will be helping individuals and families who are in need of these things. Seek out reputable organizations that will make sure your donation is getting to those who need it most.
  • You can help your community: Another benefit of giving to charity is that you are helping your community. There may be a deficit in certain areas, such as education or health care. When people donate money and other resources, they can help give others access to what they need for success. Think about making a donation to your school for much-needed equipment or to your local hospital to help with transportation for those who need treatments.
  • You will feel happier: Besides helping others, donating to charity can improve your own happiness. When you give back to society, it gives you a sense of purpose and fulfillment; this is because our brains are wired for empathy. The simple act of giving allows your empathetic nature to shine – helping you to feel good about yourself.
  • You might inspire others to give: Donating to charity can also inspire others. You might not realize that your little act of kindness has inspired someone else’s giving or generosity, which may just be the step they need to take. This is why so many online charities ask you to share your donation on social media – in hopes that you will inspire others to give, too.
  • You will set a good example for your family: Children look up to their parents and want to emulate them. By giving back, it helps your children understand the value of helping others, which can set a great example for future generations! Share what and why you are giving – so that your children can see how being charitable brings value to you and those you give to.
  • You can get a tax deduction: When you make a charitable donation, it is tax-deductible. This means that at the end of each year, when you file your taxes, there will be some deductions available for all of the money you gave to charity. (Make sure you’re keeping accurate records to help you when it comes time to file your taxes.)
  • How do I choose a charity: If you are looking for different charities to contribute your time or money, there are many sources available. You can do a quick Google search of the top ten most popular charities in your area, and this will bring up names like food banks, homeless shelters, and more. 
    • And remember – donations don’t always have to be monetary. You can start small by volunteering your time just once per month at a local organization.

The act of giving is one of the most fulfilling things you can do, and donating to charity is a great way to give back. The benefits are many – and not just for those you are giving to! 

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