14 Ways to Spend Time Together as a Family

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Family time is important, but it can be hard to find time to do things together – whether it be with your immediate family or your extended family. Busy work schedules, kids’ activities, and more can sometimes make it feel impossible.

But it doesn’t have to be! Spending time together doesn’t have to involve huge chunks of your time – although it can! It can be as simple as carving out 15-30 minutes of quality time spent together – and here are some ideas to get you started.

  1. Take turns making dinner for each other: Kids and adults can take turns doing this or work together to prepare a supper that everyone will love. 
  2. Find out what everyone’s hobbies are and do them together: This can be anything from taking up new sports activities like tennis lessons to playing board games or going geocaching together.
  3. Have a potluck mealAsk every family member to bring one dish and then share a meal and time together – without someone having to worry about cooking for everyone.
  4. Engage in conversation with one another at the end of the dayAsk questions that don’t require simple “yes” or “no” responses and see where the conversation goes. 
  5. Watch a TV series or movies while eating popcorn or other snacks: Yes, family movie night is a great way to get everyone together.
  6. Play games together: Board games, card games, and video games may be just the ticket to get everyone spending time together.
  7. Create a family tradition: Sometimes doing the same thing every year helps to create memories for everyone. Maybe it’s a trip to the apple orchard or putting up the Christmas tree or a special meal on the first day of school.
  8. Play music and dance together: Sometimes you just need to dance it out! And if you’re really good – you could create a viral TikTok video!
  9. Plan a family vacation for the upcoming year: Yes, a vacation is an ideal way to spend time together as a family. Find a destination that works for all of you and let the planning begin.
  10. Read books out loud: You probably read to your children when they were young, but it’s a great activity even as they get older. You can take turns reading a book that intrigues all of you or find a great audiobook. 
  11. Go on walks together: Head out together for a quick stroll around the block or throughout your neighborhood. This gives you a great chance to catch up as a family – plus it’s excellent exercise.  
  12. Play sports together: From basketball games at home or even just kicking around a soccer ball outside, both provide exercise as well as fun opportunities to interact with one another. Or, you could all learn a new sport together. Golf anyone?
  13. Do chores together: Yes, you can make chores a way to spend time together. Chore time can help you build stronger relationships between members of the family while teaching responsibility and respect.
  14. Volunteer together: If you’re looking for a way to spend time together and give back to your community, why not volunteer together? Your local food pantry might need help stocking shelves. Your local animal shelter might need help walking dogs. There are all sorts of opportunities out there. 

When it comes to spending time together as a family, it may take some effort – but it’s totally worth it! You’ll love the conversations that emerge and the memories that are made – even when doing the simplest of things together.

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