Europe in December? Yes!

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Traveling to Europe is often on people’s bucket lists. After all, there are so many countries and cultures you can see – and so much to do. Of course, most people think about heading to Europe in the spring or summer when the weather is warmer but don’t dismiss heading there in the winter – specifically in December. 

Yes, heading to Europe in December really is a must-do. While the temperatures will be colder and the days will be shorter, there are a lot of great reasons to head overseas during this month. 

  • It will be less crowded: If you’ve ever seen pictures of popular European tourist attractions in the spring and summer, you know that it is crowded. Very crowded. Spring and summer are considered “high season” and can mean long lines to see various attractions.
    • But in the winter months, you will definitely find that the crowds have decreased. This means you can visit some of your favorite attractions without having to fight huge crowds of people.
  • You might find some bargain airfares: Airfare is expensive. In fact, it could be one of the most expensive parts of your trip, depending on when you travel. Traveling during the month of December might allow you to catch some deals as the demand to visit Europe is less. Take some time to scan your favorite travel sites, and see what airfares are available and book the best deal you can find. You could find yourself saving more than 50% over summer prices!
  • You’ll find hotel rates are lower and you have more choices: As with your airfares, the rates you see for hotels in Europe in the winter are often significantly less. Additionally, you’ll have more choices available to you as you’re not competing against so many people to find the best places to stay. The same goes for booking an Airbnb or other home-stay rentals. 
  • The weather is not as cold as you may think: Depending on where you’re heading in Europe during the month of December, you may find that the weather is actually quite comfortable. Places like Athens, Barcelona, Rome, and Lisbon have many days in the ‘50s (or occasionally even warmer) this month. And even in areas where it is colder, you’ll find yourself enjoying the holiday vibe. 
  • You’ll love the Christmas spirit: If you’re heading to Europe and hoping to enjoy all that Christmas has to offer you are going to love your trip. Europe in December is full of Christmas spirit. You can visit Christmas markets in many of the major cities. You’ll love walking around the markets and drinking mulled wine while doing your holiday shopping. 
    • And even if where you’re visiting doesn’t have special Christmas markets, you’ll find the stores are decked out in their holiday finest. The lights and energy will have you singing, “Falalalala!”

Of course, if you’re planning a trip to Europe in December, you’ll want to check and make sure the attractions you want to visit will be open. While major sights and museums are open year-round, seasonal attractions may be closed. 

Additionally, you may also find yourself packing a little bigger suitcase as you need to be prepared to deal with fluctuating temperatures and weather conditions.

While you may not have thought of heading to Europe in December – you should! Start checking those airfares and make sure your passport is valid – it’s time to plan a vacation!

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