Fun Things to Do For Mother’s Day 2018

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The thing that your mother wants most for Mother’s Day isn’t something that can be bought. She wants to spend time with you. Do something special for Mom by planning out a fun day with by making time to do something with her. It can be something simple, or it can be a little extra special. She’ll love it no matter what. Here are some fun ideas to get started with.

  1. Tandem Bike Ride: If your mom loves to be active, then she’ll love a fun challenge of riding a bike with you. It’ll be a time full of laughs and chatting. If you can’t find a 2 seater, then do a casual bike ride next to each other along a park to enjoy the weather.
  2. Picnic For 2: Pack up a few of Mom’s favorite finger foods, and head out with a blanket. Find the perfect spot to sit and enjoy a quiet lunch together. It’s a special way to break out of the routine by doing something a little different. It’s private, giving you both time to talk and connect in a new way.
  3. Shop Til She Drops: Treat your Mom to a shopping spree at one of her favorite stores. Let her update her wardrobe, get new things for the home, or treat herself to some nice bath items. Whatever your mom wants, she gets (within budget, of course).
  4. Bake A Dessert Together: Don’t buy your Mom’s dessert–make it with her! It’ll be so much more fun, and a way to get to know her better. She can probably still teach you a thing or two around the kitchen. Let her decide what dessert she wants on her special day, and go buy all the things to make it. Spend the afternoon laughing in the kitchen while you eat your yummy desserts.
  5. Share A Bottle Of Wine: Mom’s always are in the mood for a glass of wine. Sit down with her and enjoy a lovely glass together out on the patio. Ask her to tell you stories of your childhood as well as stories from hers. You’ll learn more than you ever knew.
  6. Go See A Movie Together: Are you both classic movie lovers? Or maybe you both love Star Wars. Whatever it is, go see a special movie together that you both love.
  7. Take A Dance Class: It doesn’t matter if you have two left feet–it’ll be a fun way to spend time with your mom. She’ll love showing off her new dance moves to everyone after the class.
  8. Start A Garden Together: Start something that will keep growing all year round. Plant a few flowers together so she can look at them every day and think of you.

Moms are so special. They continuously sacrifice things in their life to make yours a little better than their own. Show her how much you love and care for her by giving her the gift of your time. There’s no dollar amount to the memories that you will make.

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