The Future of Grocery Shopping

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In time, the appeal of grocery shopping loses a bit of its luster. Commuting to the supermarket, searching for products that might not be in stock, waiting in the checkout line – these activities are tedious to shoppers who just don’t have the time or inclination to make grocery shopping as big a part of their week as it used to be. There’s little question that grocery shopping needs to change. But how? Here’s a quick peek into the future of grocery shopping.

The Smart Grocery Cart

First it was your phone. Then it was your TV. Then your watch. Now… your grocery cart? It seems every object is gaining “smart” capabilities these days, and while a smart grocery cart might sound like someone cashing in on a buzz-worthy fad, the Smartest Cart is actually a really interesting concept. It’s a regular shopping cart, but outfitted with cameras, motors, and a screen. The cart knows your shopping list, helps you navigate through the store, can follow you around by itself, and knows what you’ve dropped in the basket. But the best part of all? You’re automatically charged, which means no waiting in line. Just drop your food in your smart cart and go!

The Drive-Thru Grocery Store

Our world seems to be getting faster and faster, and for many shoppers, grocery shopping is a chore that would be made better by taking up less time. Enter the drive-thru grocery store. Just as you would order a burger and fries, pull up to the first window, and be on your way, you could be doing the same for your weekly grocery shopping, too. Grocery chain Kroger has already experimented with the concept, allowing customers to pick their items online in advance and then drive up to the store at a specified time to grab their groceries. Similarly, Walmart has started testing this concept at some locations as well.

Your Groceries, Delivered to Your Door

What’s better than driving to the store and picking up your groceries without having to leave the car? How about ordering your groceries and never having to leave your home? Online shopping isn’t quite a new concept, but online retailers have been slow to adopt groceries into their delivery offerings. At the same time, meal kit services like Home Chef and Blue Apron have picked up the slack, offering up curated meal plans and delivering all the ingredients–no more, no less–to doors across America. It’s only a matter of time until you can order a week’s worth of groceries at the click of the button and have them delivered to your home, whether by delivery driver, mail carrier, or drone.

It’s clear that we’ll be seeing some great new technology arise in the coming years, making it easier than ever to shop for our groceries. However, if you enjoy things they way they are now, you shouldn’t be too worried. Just as online banking hasn’t killed banks, online grocery shopping isn’t likely to kill supermarkets, either. You might have to dodge a few smart carts while you shop, though.

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