How To Avoid The Holiday Rush

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With so much going on during the final months of the year, it’s easy to see how the holiday season can quickly turn into a test of endurance instead of a time of rest. Ideally, the holidays would be a time that we spend with those we care for most, while also getting so much needed R&R to get ready for the New Year. But with countless holiday parties, school performances, shopping lists, and so much else going on, it’ll be January before you know it and the holidays will have rushed past you.

Let’s take the holidays back and enjoy the limited time that we get. Here are some tips and ideas for helping to avoid the holiday rush.

Carve Out Time

Winter-HolidayThere will never be enough time in the day for you to finish everything that’s on your list. This will be even more so the case during the holidays when there will be something to do at every turn. Therefore, you’ll need to make the time in your schedule in order to avoid the holiday rush. Even though it may look a bit odd to see Take Time To Rest in your calendar, dedicating time to relax will help you take a moment during the holidays to soak it all in.

Since you already have a lot going on and free time is hard to come by, make sure you carve out time in your schedule to relax and enjoy the holidays.


With so many different Tweets, posts, and other messages being sent to your phone, it’s easy to see why it’s so hard to put down. During the holidays, however, do your best to disconnect during times when you’re with family and close friends. The moments you have with those you care for most are the ones you’ll remember for a lifetime, so disconnect from that phone and pay attention to what’s happening right in front of you.

Involve Others

You’re not the only one who feels overwhelmed by the holiday rush, so consider involving others during the season. That might mean that you give back to those less fortunate, or maybe you just want to spend the holidays with your closest family. Whoever you enjoy spending your time with, slow down this holiday season by sharing it with them.

Enjoy The Moment

Think about how much life has changed since the last holiday season. Not just in your life, but with everything going on around you as well. When you take the time to disconnect from the holiday rush and think about your past year, you’ll notice how important it is to enjoy the simplest of moments. Aside from all of the gift giving and party attending, these are the moments that you’ll share for a lifetime. It only makes sense that you enjoy them as much as possible.

The holidays will be over before you know it. Use these tips as you look to avoid the holiday rush and enjoy the season for all it is.

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