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Vacations are something to look forward to, but it’s easy to forget that they can take a lot of work. From the planning to the finances to your pack list, travelling requires you to spin a lot of plates, and you’re sure to forget something. When getting your suitcase ready, you’re going to remember the obvious things–your clothes, the passport–but there will be some other things you might not remember that will serve you well on your travels. Don’t leave home without these necessities!  

First Aid Kit

You can never be too safe. While, heaven forbid, you’ll probably be within close distance to a hospital, it never hurts to have your own supplies on hand. Especially if you or a little one gets something as small as a cut or a scrape, it can be good to have some bandages and antiseptic at the ready. You should also take this opportunity to take stock of any medications you or your group may need during your travels.

Extra Cash

It’s always recommended that, when travelling, you carry your cash in at least two places, and never in obvious places. Chances are that wherever you go, the clueless wonder on you and your group’s faces will give you away as tourists. Pickpockets know to go for the obvious spots such as the back pocket and the purse, so hide your money somewhere they won’t think or dare to look, such as in a hidden waistband.

Quick-Dry Towel

Wherever you rest your head at night, there’s a good chance you’ll have towels provided for you. However, after a day at the beach or an unlucky spot of rain, you may find yourself in need of an extra drying apparatus. Towels made of regular fiber tend to be bulky and take forever to dry, smelling up your suitcase, so opt for a traveler’s microfiber towel instead. It’ll fit in your luggage better and dry in a jiff.


Say what you might about our modern reliance on smartphones, but you can’t deny that they’ve made travelling easier. Bring your smartphone with you, and in your pocket you’ll have a map, a camera, and perhaps most importantly, a means to contact your loved ones in case you get separated. If you’re travelling to a foreign country, you won’t have to worry about your cell phone not working. SIM cards nowadays are pretty much compatible with every phone, and short-term plans tend to run on the cheap side.

Reading Material

Another thing that tends to get glossed over when you’re dreaming of your upcoming vacation is the waiting times you’ll have between flights, on the road, and as you try to fall asleep as you face jetlag. In these times, try putting a dent on that one novel you’ve been meaning to get through. When you’re not becoming engrossed in the new world around you, you’ll be wrapped up in another world bound in paper.

Journal and Pen

Vacations can allow for a period of reflection and introspection. They let us step outside our usual atmosphere and routines, giving us another perspective on life. That’s a lot of heady stuff! Work it out by keeping a daily diary – you’ll also cherish it fondly as you look back at the time you spent on vacation.

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