Subscription Services To Enhance Apartment Living

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One reason that many people choose to live in an apartment is to save money for the future. But when you consider all of the little fees that eventually add up over the course of the month, it’s a common occurrence to feel as though the savings is never quite enough.

Luckily, a great way to save money is through monthly subscription services. No matter what it is that you’re looking for, it’s likely that you can save money if it’s something you can subscribe to or become a member of. For those living in an apartment, this means a lot of savings over the year, which is always a welcome bonus.

We live in a great time to join up and save money, as these are the best subscription services to enhance apartment living.

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is quickly growing as the best option for nearly anything you can imagine for your apartment. Whether you’re looking for free shipping on a new kitchen set or you want to download the latest newly released movie on digital copy, you’ll get massive discounts if you’re a Prime member. Amazon is growing to become the leading marketplace for online sales, and your apartment living will be much better when you can quickly utilize the Prime services for just $99 per year.  


Picking-Up-PackageYou’ll find the perfect beauty and grooming supplies for both men and women with a subscription to Birchbox. Each month, users get an individually curated package with items specific to their grooming and beauty requests. This is a great chance to find something new, while also minimizing the amount of money that you spend on varying grooming supplies that you may end up not liking.

Club W

Come home after a long day of work to a glass of wine from Club W. For $45 a month, members get three bottles of wine to experience. Additional services can be purchased if you’re a true aficionado, as this is a great way to continually learn more about flavonoids and other elements to wine. While Club W may be specific to those who enjoy wine, it’s well worth the subscription to expand and learn more.

Other Subscriptions Worthy Of Considering:

While many of your subscription services may be worth purchasing online, there are also some memberships that’ll substantially help you save money each month. A membership to Sam’s Club or Costco will help you save on everything from groceries to clothing. You can also consider a membership with the American Automobile Association, which does more than just assist in the event of a breakdown. With a AAA membership, you will receive discounts at restaurants, hotels, and much more. For a minimal investment each year, AAA is worth the protection and benefits.

Living in an apartment will be even better when you can save money on daily necessities. To start saving this month, consider these subscription services to enhance the apartment living experience.

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