Upcoming Local Events this Fall

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It’s the perfect time of year to gather the entire family to do something fun. School may be in session and you might even be pulling overtime at work to save up for the holidays. But with so many fall festivals taking place here in Pennsylvania, it’s well worth taking time to enjoy the season.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect date night or you need something the entire family will enjoy, there’s plenty of upcoming local events this fall that you’ll enjoy. Here’s a look at some of our favorites.

50-Mile Fall Classic Bike Ride

You don’t have to be a pro take part in this quickly growing annual bike ride. What started five years ago as a casual event has quickly grown into something much larger. This year, you can take part in the ride at either 10, 25, 50, or 100 miles. Feel free to go at your own pace, as it’s not a competition to see who finishes first. Instead, the 50-Mile Fall Classic Bike Ride is the perfect chance to see the back roads of Pennsylvania like never before. The ride begins in Breinigsville, but it goes throughout all of Lehigh Valley. We’re expecting the biggest showing ever this year, so get ready for a huge event that is quickly becoming a big part of the community.

Pumpkin-PatchFun at Grim’s

You don’t have to spend many falls in Pennsylvania to know that Grim’s is one of the most classic fall traditions that a family can take part in. It seems like every family makes sure to visit Grim’s during the fall, and that’s surely for good reason.

During the fall, Grim’s offers you the opportunity to pick your very own pumpkin from their massive patch. From oversized wonders that Charlie Brown would be jealous of, to the perfect jack-o-lantern that will fit on your desk at work, you will find your special pumpkin at Grim’s.

It doesn’t stop with just pumpkins. Be sure to also come to the farm to pick your own apples as well. There are plenty of fall treats that you may be getting ready to bake this season. What better way to make food for family and friends than with freshly picked apples that come right from our community?

While the kids are here, have their faces painted and let them run through the corn maze. Grim’s has fun for the entire family, which is why you should be sure to visit this fall.

Other Live Action

There are also some other great live action entertainment options coming to town this fall. Comedian Ralphie May will be in town on October 18th. Musician Owl City will also be here on October 13th at the Chameleon Club, as will Willie Nelson on October 17th at the Santander Performing Arts Center. Laugh, dance, and be merry this fall with all of the entertainment options here in Lehigh Valley.

It’s going to be a great fall. Make a new family tradition, meet new people, and enjoy being part of this great community in Pennsylvania.

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