Ways to Avoid Getting Sick This Winter

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Cold weather is officially upon us! For some, this means warm nights by the fire with some hot cocoa, but for others, it can only mean one thing—sickness. Nobody likes being sick. We miss work, don’t sleep well, and just feel like crawling back into bed with a box of tissues until it’s over. ‘Tis the season.

Sometimes, it’s inevitable, but for the most part, getting sick is actually pretty preventable. There are so many quick, easy things you can do to prevent yourself from getting sick this winter. Here are some of them:

  1.     Take vitamins– Nobody wants to do it, but taking vitamins is actually an extremely easy and effective way to avoid getting sick. It’s recommended to take Vitamins C, D3, and Zinc to help your body fight against sickness and infection.
  2.     Eat healthier– Chances are, you’re not eating quite as healthy as you could be. Even if you feel you are healthy, supplementing your diet with Echinacea, Elderberry extract, or ginger can make a huge difference. Dietary supplements and other antioxidants ensure that your body is getting all of the right nutrients it needs, and arms it with the ability and strength to fight infection.
  3.     Drink water– Staying hydrated is one of the easiest ways to prevent getting sick or to shorten a cold. Everything gets drier in the colder months- skin, lips, and hair all lose moisture. Your body needs water to keep up your energy levels and boost your immune system. Just as no gas tank can run on empty, your body can’t function at its best without water.
  4.     Wash your hands- You’d be amazed at how many germs you come in contact with every day! Touching your hands to your face is an easy way to spread germs and can greatly increase your chances of getting sick. Wash your hands throughout the day with warm water and soap, and keep them away from your mouth and face.
  5.     Get enough sleep– Sleep is a chance for your body to reset and recharge. When you deprive your body of sleep, it doesn’t have the energy to fight against infection.

Using any of these simple tips can help your body to fight off sickness and keep you healthy. The cold winter months don’t need to be anything to fear—just arm yourself with some vitamins, water, and sleep, and you’ll be ready for the cold in no time!


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