12 Shrimp Recipes for National Shrimp Day

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When it comes to seafood – what’s your favorite? Do you like salmon? Are you a fan of tuna? Do you order shrimp when you see it on the menu?

If shrimp is your favorite, you’re not alone. Shrimp is the most popular seafood in the United States. It’s high in protein and low in calories – and it’s great for a weeknight dinner as it cooks extremely quickly.

And now you have a good reason to fix some shrimp for dinner because May 10th is National Shrimp Day!

  1. 20 Minute Honey Garlic Shrimp: A quick and healthy dinner in 20 minutes? Yes, it’s totally possible! Try this recipe and serve it with some brown rice and steamed broccoli, and dinner will be ready in no time at all.
  2. Garlic Butter Shrimp: This is another quick and easy meal – or appetizer – and it’s packed full of garlic and Italian seasoning. Boil off some angel hair pasta or linguine to serve it on – and make a big salad – and you’ll have dinner on the table fast.
  3. Spicy Honey Lime Shrimp: If you like the combination of sweet and spicy, then this recipe is for you. It has chili powder, cayenne, and Sriracha sauce to bring the heat and honey to bring the sweet. The fresh lime juice brings some brightness – and this shrimp makes for a great appetizer, too.
  4. Old Charleston Style Shrimp and Grits: In the South, you will find shrimp and grits on most restaurant menus – it’s a staple – and Charleston is famous for it! And if you’re ready to make this classic Southern dish, then this recipe will act as a great guide. All of the different flavors in this recipe come together and create a dish worthy of any restaurant.
  5. New Orleans BBQ Shrimp: Imma of Immaculate Bites calls this dish “saucy, spicy, and messy” – and she’s right, but it’s worth it. Imma also explains what makes this “New Orleans” BBQ Shrimp – make sure you’ve got a good loaf of bread to sop up all of that yummy sauce!
  6. Shrimp Tempura: Love your shrimp fried? Who doesn’t? This Shrimp Tempura recipe has a really light and crispy coating, and Anna from Crunchy, Creamy, Sweet shares two dipping sauces that will work great with this recipe.
  7. Shrimp Salad: Are you tired of chicken salad? Ready to mix it up? Give Shrimp Salad a try! This recipe is great as is – or you can pile it high on a croissant with some bib lettuce to make a beautiful sandwich. 
  8. Coconut Pineapple Shrimp Skewers: Now that the weather is nicer, it’s time to take your cooking outdoors. So, instead of burgers or hot dogs, put these Coconut Pineapple Shrimp Skewers on the grill. The tropical flavors are AMAZING!
  9. Baked Stuffed Shrimp with Crabmeat Stuffing: This recipe brings together two great kinds of seafood – shrimp and crab! And, while the ingredient list looks a little long, you probably have most of these things in your pantry and refrigerator. 
  10. Bacon Wrapped Shrimp: Anything wrapped in bacon has got to be good, right? This Bacon Wrapped Shrimp is for sure! And the pepper jelly adds a little heat! (If you can’t find the pepper jelly, think about brushing the shrimp with a bit of Sriracha sauce or Thai Chile sauce.)
  11. Shrimp Puffs: Shrimp Puffs were all the rage during the 1970s – but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make them! You only need six ingredients to create them, and they’re super tasty! 
  12. Shrimp Stir Fry: Raise your hand if you like good stir fry! With lots of vegetables, shrimp, and a delicious sauce, you’re going to add this one to your menu for sure!

Let’s celebrate National Shrimp Day on May 10th with one of these recipes! Which one do you want to try?

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