2018 Spring Break Trip Ideas

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It’s been relentlessly cold this winter, and you want to get away for a break. The kids are about to be out for Spring Break, and now is the perfect time to start planning that early year vacation. Where should you go? Now that much of Mexico is on the travel advisory list, the traditional spring break spots may not be an option. That’s alright, because there are plenty of other beautiful locations around that are perfect for a quick getaway.

  1. Sanibel Island, FL: This hidden gem sits on the west coast side of Florida, near the bottom of the peninsula. Every year, tons of shells from the Gulf of Mexico wash ashore. The island still maintains its natural beauty because half of it is a nature reserve. The other half of the Causeway Beaches offer the perfect setting for plenty of water sports and activities. Get the best of both worlds when you visit Sanibel–you get all of the action from jet skis and boating, while enjoying the beautiful wildlife. It’s nice and temperate year round. You get the beautiful waters and weather of the Caribbean, but you get to stay stateside, making traveling a little easier!
  2. Seattle, WA: Seattle may be an unexpected Spring Break spot, but it’s ideal for the avid hikers. Seattle is surrounded with forests, rivers, and mountains to climb. Because it’s right next to the ocean, it stays at a moderate 50-65 degrees year round. Pack a lightweight jacket and start plotting out your next hike. After the day’s exercise, go out at night at one of the many breweries around town. No matter where you are staying, you’ll be able to find a brewery close by.
  3. Montreal, Quebec, Canada: Get out of the country, but go north instead of south. Canada has beautiful cities with fabulous art, culture, and a vibrant nightlife. Montreal is one of the oldest cities in Canada from the fur trapping explorers who settled along the St. Lawrence River. It’s located directly above Vermont. It has heavy French influences from its food, language, and culture. You’ll find beautiful buildings, delicious pastries, and serene nature all around you.
  4. Willemstad, Curacao: If you’re looking to do a little further of a trip, Curacao is the perfect destination. This island sits right outside of the hurricane belt preserving it’s natural beauty. It’s located next to Aruba right above South America’s Venezuela, and is a more laid-back version of it’s busy sister island. It’s a Dutch Caribbean island known for its pastel colonial homes. It typically stays at a lovely 80-85 degrees year round with crystal blue-green waters. There are plenty of white sand beaches, snorkeling, and even cliff-diving for the more adventurous traveler.  
  5. Nashville, TN: Nashville may be another unexpected spring break spot, but it’s a fun place where you can always have a different experience. You can visit the Grand Ole Opry House, see the Parthenon in Centennial Park, and experience nature walks and botanical gardens. Nashville sits along the Cumberland River, making it a perfect spot for kayaking, tubing, and boating. You can also fish and hike along the river to take time to unplug from your daily life. It’s dubbed the Music City for its country music scene. You’re always able to find a local band playing in restaurants and bars.

Step out of your typical vacation spot, and find a new area of the country or the world to visit. The more you get to see, the more you’ll learn about yourself and other cultures. Go with a group of friends, or take the whole family to cherish the experience with those that you love the most.

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