6 Ways To Step Outside Your Comfort Zone (And Why You Should)

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The first step to getting outside of your comfort zone is to know where your comfort boundaries lie. Are you afraid of meeting new people? Do heights make you nervous? Push yourself a little further by doing things that make you uncomfortable. It forces you to grow as a person and face your fears. By challenging yourself, you’ll learn new things and find that what you were so averse to, isn’t that bad after all.

  1. Small steps: If you want to make a permanent change, then take small steps to maintain a new life habit. Getting out of your comfort zone shouldn’t be a one time thing. It needs to be an ongoing process to help you continuously grow. Stay adventurous by starting with trying something new every week, and celebrate these little victories. It can be as little as going to a new park, or sparking up a conversation with the cashier. It’s low risk, but it gets your brain used to doing things that make you slightly uncomfortable.
  2. Have an adventure partner: Everyone needs a friend to encourage them along the way. Join in the fun and help challenge each other to do things that push you. It’s more enjoyable to go through life with someone else, so connect with a like minded person who is ready to take on the world. Choose someone who is a positive risk taker and who doesn’t criticize your comfort zone. If someone laughs at how silly your uncomfortable zone is, then they aren’t the right person to walk this journey with. Don’t listen to what others say–if it’s a positive step outside of the box for you, then that’s all that matters.
  3. “What’s the worst that can happen?”: Ask yourself this question.Most of the time, we are held back by the fear of what other people might think. If that’s the case, then so what. Ask that pretty girl out on a date. If she says no, then you know she wasn’t right for you. Simple as that. You aren’t any worse off then when you started. On the flip side, think of what the potential there is if it goes right. What if she says yes? Then you have gained more than what you risked.
  4. Write down your goals: Make a list of things that you want to accomplish. Writing things down makes it more likely that you’ll actually take action to make it happen. Put your list in a prominent place that you see often. Let it remind you on what your goals are. Take steps to start crossing off items on your list. If you want to learn how to swing dance, then look up local dance studios in your area and sign up for a class.
  5. Change your habits: If you’re stuck in the humdrum of life, then start changing up your daily routine. Expand your experiences by trying something new at a restaurant that you never thought you’d try. Try German food for the first time, or read a book outside. Break up the norm and allow new people and opportunities to enter your life.
  6. Research it: If it makes you very nervous, then research it. Take some time to discover what it is, and see what steps it takes to achieve your goal of conquering this fear. For example, a big push out of the comfort zone is skydiving. Take your time to see videos, read testimonies, see what companies offer it, and read reviews on them. Figure out the details before jumping into something big to give you confidence when the time comes.

Don’t live your life full of regret by questioning “What if?”. Get out of your comfort zone and widen your scope of knowledge and experience by opening yourself up to what the world has to offer. You’ll be a stronger person who is full of confidence by taking daily steps to achieve the goals that you set before you. Look back at your crossed off list with a smile on your face.

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