Feng Shui for Your Bedroom

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Are you ready to give your bedroom a little revamp? Are you trying to decide what to do with it? Are you thinking minimalism? Maybe boho chic? How about feng shui?

You’ve probably heard about feng shui, but maybe you’re not sure exactly what it is. House Beautiful defines it as, An ancient Chinese philosophy that helps people find balance in the way they live their lives by harmonizing their living spaces with nature through spatial design. The key is qi (pronounced “chee”), or the energy that connects all living things. Through the implementation of specific design principles that promote auspiciousness, feng shui is said to allow your energy to flow uninhibited through your home, improving your overall quality of life.

So, now that you know what it is – are you ready to bring it to your bedroom? There are a few key components to keep in mind when changing up your bedroom and bringing in this Chinese philosophy. Pay attention to these 9 things to bring harmony to your space.

  1. Pay Attention to Where You Place Your Bed: According to the principles of feng shui, you should place your bed in a “commanding position.” What does this mean? It means that your bed should be facing the bedroom door, but not directly in front of it. This allows you to see what may enter your space without being caught off guard. 
  2. Make Sure You Have a Headboard: For a while, interior designers seemed to be forgoing headboards in favor of large pieces of artwork. That’s a no-no when it comes to feng shui. Headboards are supposed to bring stability and support – especially in your relationships. 
  3. Think In Pairs: When it comes to items in your bedroom, think about pairs. You should have two pillows, two nightstands (on either side of the bed), two chairs (if you choose to have them), etc. Pairs represent harmony and love in feng shui – which makes them ideal for a restful night’s sleep.
  4. Avoid Hard Edges: Avoid nightstands, headboards, and other items with hard edges in your bedroom. Sharp edges are thought to bring Sha, which is bad energy. 
  5. Watch What’s Underneath Your Bed: People are always looking for additional storage ideas, and it’s often suggested that you place things under your bed – after all, it is an underutilized space. But, if the area becomes cluttered and messy, that can create stress for you – which feng shui wants to avoid. Keep the space under your bed free from clutter to bring positive energy.
  6. Keep the Electronics Out of Your Bedroom: This is not only a principle of feng shui, but many experts recommend keeping electronics out of your bedroom to improve your sleep. This may mean removing a television, your phone, or tablet. By getting rid of that artificial blue light that electronics give off, you can sleep better.
  7. Choose Your Color Palette Wisely: For your bedroom, you are looking to bring in soothing and calming colors. Black, blue, aqua, teal, and gray are ideal for this. You can then accent with white, mauve, and gold, which are considered the colors of love for feng shui.
  8. Hang Your Art to Lift Your Qi: Once again, think about pairs for your artwork (not necessarily matching, but complimentary). And aim to hang it at eye level or higher so that you can lift your qi, which is the life force energy.
  9. Aim to Engage Your Five Senses: Feng shui also wants you to engage your five senses. Accessories are a great way to do this. Think about sight, smell, sound,  touch, and taste – and what you can do to bring these to your room.

What do you think? Is feng shui the way to go for your bedroom? Do you like the idea of bringing peace and harmony to your space? If the answer is yes, then it may be time to give feng shui a try!

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