Prepping Your Apartment For Short-Term Trips

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Welcome to the ultimate list for preparing your apartment before a short trip. After all, your trip should be as enjoyable and as fun as possible, but you’ll only be able to relax if you know that your home is fine while you are away.

Here are some tips for prepping your apartment for short-term trips.

Check All Windows And Doors

Locking-DoorSometimes the most obvious tasks to make the list are the ones that we overlook the quickest. You won’t believe how many people leave a front door unlocked, don’t close windows, or even forget to close the garage to their apartment. When you live in a community with a lot of other people – some of which you may not be as reputable as you want – then you need to ensure that you do the simplest of tasks before going on vacation. In this case, that means closing all the windows and doors in your apartment.

Get Rid Of Any Loose Spare Keys That Might Be Hidden

Having a spare key might work for when you are home every day and you can check on things regularly. However, that spare key might be more of a problem than anything when you go on vacation. One problem is that you never know who else knows about that key. In addition, when you consider how easy it is to use a key to open a door without making it look suspicious, it’s very important that you avoid letting this happen.

Tech Up Your Home

Having technology in your apartment will do you wonders when going out on vacation for a short period of time. One example of technology that you can get includes climate controlled sensors that you can alter from your smartphone, computer or tablet. These systems are perfect for controlling the temperature of your apartment while away, and some even have features that control other parts of your home like lighting. Investing in some new technology for your apartment might be just what you need for peace of mind while on vacation.

Another example of some technology that you can outfit for your home includes cameras. Like the aforementioned climate control systems, the cameras can also be accessed through a smartphone. This means that you can keep an eye on your home, even while you are out on the road.

…Or Just Make It Look That Way

Even if your home isn’t well equipped with state of the art technology to protect it, you can at least make it look as such. Pick up some fake cameras and throw them on the balcony, or simply put a sign in the window that says you have security, and you’ll be surprised with how well this can detract unwanted visitors while you are away.

Ask For Help

Finally, consider asking someone you trust for help. This might be a family member or friend, and they can help with checking on things to make sure everything is alright. In addition, they can also check the mail or pick up the newspaper, which will help to make it look like someone is home.

Before you hit the road, even if it’s just for a quick trip, be sure to consider the tips her. They’ll help you relax and enjoy your vacation.

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