The 8 Largest Cities in Pennsylvania and Things to Do In Them

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You know what a great state Pennsylvania is – after all, you live here! 

And you know there are many great places to visit in Pennsylvania. From small towns to large cities, Pennsylvania has a lot to offer. 

If you want to explore the largest cities in Pennsylvania – here are the top 8 (by population) and a little bit about each one!

  1. Philadelphia: Steeped in history and with a ton of things to do, Philadelphia is a fantastic city! You can spend time in the “City of Brotherly Love” exploring, eating, and taking in the sites. Conde Nast shares the “21 Best Things to Do in Philadelphia” if you’re not sure where to begin.
  2. Pittsburgh: The second-largest city in Pennsylvania is another great city to visit! With numerous sports teams, excellent food, and museums galore, you’ll want to spend some time getting to know “The Steel City.” Discover The Burgh has put together a great list of things to do while there – so you won’t be bored.
  3. Allentown: You may not think of heading to Allentown when you’re looking for a weekend away, but you should. Allentown is the third-largest city in Pennsylvania and is located in the Lehigh Valley. There are a lot of great breweries in Allentown and plenty of activities to keep you busy. Discover Lehigh Valley has a list of things to do in Allentown if you need some suggestions. 
  4. Erie: If you love the water, then you need to head to Erie. Located on Lake Erie, one of the Great Lakes, the city of Erie has a population of over 95,000 people, and while it’s the fourth largest city in the state, it has a small-town vibe to it. Busy Tourist has amassed a list of 28 things to do while visiting the “Gem City,” – and you’ll definitely have fun checking off the things on this list.
  5. Reading: Reading is located in Berks County and is a fabulous city to visit if you love the outdoors. You can go hiking, biking, paddling, or camping in one of the many state parks and recreation areas in Reading. Additionally, the city is home to a ton of festivals and events throughout the year. Vacation Idea has shared their favorite things to do in Reading, and you’re going to want to check it out. 
  6. Bethlehem: Located close to Allentown, Bethlehem is also in the Lehigh Valley and has worked hard to make itself a destination location – especially with the transformation of the Steel Stacks, but that’s not the only attraction. Uncovering PA has a list of “21 Great Things to Do in Bethlehem, PA” – and you’ll find things that will interest adults and children alike. 
  7. Scranton: This former coal city which was made famous from the television show “The Office,” may not get the attention it deserves, but Scranton is actually a really cool city to visit. In “The 12 Best Things to Do in Scranton, Pennsylvania,” Vacation Idea provides you with some places to visit while there.
  8. Lancaster: Whether you’re looking for a family or romantic getaway, Lancaster is a great destination. It’s best known as the heart of Pennsylvania’s Amish Country, and there are plenty of things to do related to the Amish culture. Discover Lancaster has an extensive list of attractions and things to do – including museums and outdoor activities. 

If you’re looking to explore your own state, these are some great cities to check out. You might be surprised by all of the fantastic activities and attractions each of these locales has to offer. 

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