Decor Trends for 2021

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Every year seems to bring with it new trends. New trends in fashion. New trends in hair. And definitely new trends in home decor. 

Where do you fall on the trends scale? Do you love to incorporate the latest trends into your home? Do you like to use bits and pieces, perhaps to enhance your current decor?

Whether you like to use lots of what’s popular at the moment or just a few things, it’s always helpful to know what you’re going to find when it comes to decorating your space. This year, there are a few new trends to watch for, some that carried over from 2020, and a few that are making a resurgence.

  • Light-Colored Woods: It seemed that for a few years, everywhere you looked, all you saw was dark-colored wood. Coffee tables, end tables, kitchen tables – all dark wood. But this year, you are going to see a big shift to light-colored woods. Look for lots of oak, poplar, maple, and birch. 
  • Statement Pieces: Whether it be art, a piece of furniture, or an outstanding accessory, look for statement pieces to be all the rage this year. Unique pieces that stand out in your space are going to be extremely popular.
  • Bringing Nature In: This one never seems to go away, and this year is no exception. Plants are the most obvious way to bring nature into your home, but you can also do it with furniture – such as with woods or rattan. And, you might look to do it with art or accessories.
  • Dark Navy Blue: A few years back, black was the color choice for furniture, walls, and more. This year, a dark navy blue (almost black – but not quite) is one of the top color trends. And it’s being used for just about everything. If you’re a fan of the color navy – this is your year!
  • Gray: And the color gray continues to be a trend for 2021. It surged to popularity in 2020 and shows no signs of slowing down. The great thing is that it goes well with navy blue if you’re looking to bring both colors into your space.
  • Sustainable Furniture and Decor: Interior designers are trying to help the planet, and this year they’re putting the focus on sustainable furniture and decor. Josh Dorfman at The Last Environmentalist shares some eco-friendly and sustainable furniture makers that might meet your needs.
  • Industrial Style: If you like the look of furniture and accessories that are heavy on wood and metal and look like they may have come from an abandoned factory, then you like the industrial style, and it will remain trendy in 2021. 
  • Zen Vibes: 2020 was a stressful year for many, and the trend for 2021 is to help combat that stress by creating zen vibes in your home. Quiet, calm, and relaxing spaces are where it’s at.
  • Multipurpose Spaces: Spaces in your home now need to serve multiple purposes. You may need a bedroom that can also be an office. Or a guest room that can double as your yoga space – and designers are here to help. You’ll see lots of designers sharing ideas on how to create multipurpose spaces in your own home.
  • Less Clutter: Ever since Marie Kondo came on the scene, everyone wants you to declutter – and 2021 is no exception. The good thing is that you can declutter yourself – and probably won’t have to spend any money to do it!

Which trends have caught your eye for 2021? Which ones would you like to incorporate? Are you going all-in with these home decor trends, or will you infuse a few into your present style?

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