Kids Birthday Party Ideas

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Does your child have a birthday coming up soon? Have you started planning for their birthday party? Are you in need of an idea that will make for a fun and memorable party? 

It may seem that birthday parties have become more and more complicated in recent years, but they truly don’t need to be. Sometimes all you need is a good theme and a little creativity. The kids will do the rest!

Kids Birthday Party Ideas

  • Pool Party: You may still have a couple of weeks to go to the outdoor pool, but if you’re worried about the weather – then head for the indoor pool. A lot of rec centers and hotels with indoor swimming pools will let you rent the pool for a birthday party. You can easily find some fun decorations and delicious treats that will make this party a definite hit with all of the kids!
  • Color Fun: Have you ever done one of those color runs? You know the ones where you wear a white t-shirt and run 5K or 10K while being doused in different colors? You can buy those color packets and throw your child an amazing Color Fun birthday party! This is definitely for the local park, but the kids will LOVE it! Buy some white t-shirts, warn the parents that their kids are going to get “dirty” and get ready for a good time! 
  • Ice Cream Party: A DIY ice cream sundae bar is sure to be popular with kids – and it’s quite simple to put together. All you need to do is get all the delicious toppings you can think of and set up a beautiful buffet. The kids will load their bowls full of yumminess! 
  • Movie Night: This is a classic for birthday parties for a good reason – movie nights are fun! Let your child set up pillows, blankets, and cushions all over the living room and get settled in with friends for a favorite film. Be sure to get some decorations and treats that go with movie night, and you will make the party a complete success.
  • A Day in the Woods: Parents often say that their children don’t get outside enough these days – so why not go hiking or geocaching as part of a birthday party? You can have the group make trail mix before heading outdoors, and water bottles make a good and useful gift to all those attending. When you’re done, you can grill hot dogs or make s’mores. 
  • Glow Night: Kids love glow sticks! And throwing a glow stick party is an awesome idea! You can play lots of different games with glow sticks, and there are even some fun crafts the kids can make with these neon sticks!
  • Field Day: While you could choose a single sport as a theme for your child’s birthday party, planning an old-fashioned field day could be lots of fun, too. You can set up all sorts of sports (some real – some silly) and have the children compete for prizes. 
  • Slime Party: It will be messy, that’s for sure, but you’re also going to be very popular with the kids if you host a slime party. Let the kids make the slime and add things like glitter, sequins, foam balls, and sand, along with a whole array of color mixing options. And then provide small containers so that everyone can take their creations home. As for food, a “drip” cake would be perfect for the slime theme.

Birthday parties can be lots of fun for kids, but they genuinely don’t have to be complicated or fussy. Pick a theme and let the kids just enjoy themselves! You’re sure to see lots of smiles on your child and his/her friends faces.

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